Sacred Valley Medicine

Colorado Grown Cannabis

Sacred Valley Medicine was established in 2014. Previously, was an organic vegetable farm turned cannabis farm once Colorado went recreational. Our principles stayed the same on growing organically.

Our mission is to grow cannabis with more therapeutic benefits, higher cannabinoids/CBDs for healing. Our motto is "Don't just get high, get healthy."

     At SVM, that is our goal, to bring you the highest quality of cannabis. Our flower gets fed only the best nutrients and watered from a deep artesian well in the Colorado mountains at 8000 feet above sea level and plenty of sunshine. We proudly grow for Willie's Reserve and we can grow for you too. When you buy our bud, trim, or pre-rolled joints, you will taste, smell, and feel the quality of our products. We are known for our terpenes! Your customers will love our products, and you will too! Try us today!

Our Cannabis is grown in the mountains of Colorado, with clean air, clean water, and sunshine!


     We are environmentally friendly when we grow our cannabis, using solar power to run our greenhouse.